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The violence has an intimacy to it, appropriate to a man who takes what appears to be a small trespass in the larger scheme of things very, very personally. Indeed, the only woman throughout parts 1 and 2 disrobing in front of him is Gianna, and she does so in order to enjoy her own magnificence one last time, not to seduce him. But it does not apply here.

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But his fury, honed to the clean, hot certainty of a surgical laser, is never questionable. Obviously a man who can gun down enemies while riding a horse down the middle of a street is not to be taken lightly. As this franchise's success proves, some of us crave to see more of it in action.

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Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:. If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: sign in Forgot Password? Log Out. His circulation got cut off accidently. Anyway thankyou so very much for your book!

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Is it possible if you make a second book about Moe and his family maybe even get another puppy? The first one was so sweet.

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  5. And now I have to return this book to the library. Because Moe is dead. I feel so emotional. My name is Danielle and thankyou for your heart warming story I hope I never forget it I seriously doubt that though so please write another story please, please, please. Happy story writing. Hi Danielle Thanks so much for your lovely email. Sorry to hear about your puppies but so glad you have one now and that you liked Just a Dog. Not sure if there will be a follow up story — but you never know!

    just a dog

    Good luck with your own writing. And thanks again for taking the time to email. I am enjoying reading this story and delving into studying the finer details. Thank you for such an enjoyable read. Hi Hayley Thanks for writing. Glad to hear you are enjoying Just a Dog. It took me a while to get the voice and feel of that book to match what I imagined in my head. I finally got there and now I wish I had a dog like Mr Moe! Say Hi to the reading circle from me and good luck with the Primary teaching course.

    “Our love for dogs is truly the guide upon which we base our product and business.”

    Hi Michael its Maria I read your book it was sad sometimes like when Mr Mosley died that was really sad for me I cried a lot that was a big twist. I wants to find out what happened to Moe for the fortnight it was a mystery will u make a movie about Just a Dog it also was really funny when amelia drew on Moe that was really funny it was sad when the hook got stuck in his mouth and it also was sad when he got hit by a car and when he had cancer.

    Hi Maria Thanks so much for writing and telling me what you liked, and your feelings about Just a Dog! Cheers Michael P.

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    Janisha and Jasmine want to know if you are going to write a sequel and make Mr Mosely come back alive….. Mr Moe, the dog zombie! Jahneka wants you to turn the book into a movie. Spencer wants you to know that his most favorite part, ever, was when Mr Mosely came back after two weeks.

    She loved imagining everyone waking up to NO newspapers! Pukhraj wants to know how old you are and when you started writing stories. James loves the part when Mr Moe runs down the street and licks Corey when he comes home from school. He wishes he had a dog like that. Lachlan loved it sooooooo much. Heaps of us cried when Mr Mosely died, including Kellie. From Grade 3IK. Emile — Thanks and good luck with your story!

    But in a way Mr Mosely comes back every time the family tells his stories or you read them.

    There is No “Just a Dog”

    Jahneka — that would be fun and exciting. My son Joe is a young film-maker. Maybe he could do it one day. I like to hear the stories people make up about what happened in those two weeks. Sarah — I agree. Zoe — I do live in Australia — in Brisbane, Queensland. I visit lots of schools around the country every year and yes I would love to visit your school and meet your class.

    Before that, the first things I wrote or tried to write were songs. I start writing my first book until I was in my 40s.

    Lachlan — Well thank you sooooooooooooooo much! Victor — I like that too. And I really like how gentle Moe is when the baby comes, even though he is such a big dog. And just so you all know — there were times when I cried while I was writing some of the Mr Mosely stories. Hi Michael, I feel compelled to leave feedback in this space. We laugh out loud as we imagine Mr Mosely eyebrows going up and down, The kids are glued to their seats as Corey avoids abduction — just!

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    6. They were crying as well!! I have to tell you, a number of kids who are now older come back to me and tell me they remember the day we all cried when Mr Mosely died!! Thanks Michael. Hi Kel What a beautiful email to receive.