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I think its just a fashion thing, most women are reading it because all the other mums at school are and they dont want to be left out. Still the film should be good. I watched this yesterday and had a minor accident. Now whenever I think of it or watch it again I have to have a tube and bucket near my pork sword because I will literally piss myself.

I need to see if this guy does audio books. Although your post might open a can of worms, it pretty much hits the nail on the head bar the over generalisation - not ALL women only care only about money, any more then ALL men start singling 'get your tits out for the lads after a couple of pints! But it does seem that many women probably see FSoG as a more noble and classy choice of read then Razzle. But surely finding a big wad of notes sexy is far more crass than finding a fit body sexy? Won't sell as many. Betcha Razzle's librarian themed issues probably sold loads however.

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Razzle's librarian themed issues probably sold loads however. Good point.

Men have always enjoyed being told to 'shhhhhh' by women in glasses. It's interesting that fan lit is going mainstream, I am hoping my star trek zombie novellas now take off Spok sex just seems a bit niche. It's typically men without money who think women only want money. Yeah, if a binman took a young virgin back to his BDSM dungeon and offered her a sub slave contract, the result would be pretty much the same as the billionaire. I now hate this book and its author with a passion.

I have it on good authourity that it has tried to hijack one of my favourite pieces of music ever in an attempt to give it some credibility as a novel rather than just some tacky porn chick-lit. Thomas Tallis must be turning in his grave. I'm confused now. Is brown sauce considered erotic? Presumably it has to be HP rather than Asda's own brand. I have no doubt, this matter would not have reached court if this 'mr Grey' had squirted thousand island dressing in her face.

Fifty Shades of Grass by L.O.L. James

A woman was reading it on her Kindle on the train. I looked over her, um, shoulder and saw this kind of thing: Christian curled his lip as he expertly divided his asparagus. He poured me a second glass of Prosecco, and curled his lip slightly; disdain or amusement, I could not tell. To an idea of me. You have much to learn, and you will learn it from knowing your mind as well as your body, and giving it to me and me only".

His lip curled slightly and then burst over his chiselled facial features and I came in my panties. This looks like pallid millennial libido-grazing for the casualities of late capitalism and a forgotten failed feminism. Poor, ladies, poor.

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He said, curling his lip slightly. Taking a step back here are we all perhaps being guilty of a degree of snobbery here allied with more than a hint of a sort of mild misogony. From what I can make out we all seem more than happy to have a sort of nod and a wink reaction when we see a lady reading this book in public but would probably not want our own little ladies to be seen doing similar? Still if the prose is as MD has indicated then its as awful as people are claiming it to be but I am also a little uncomfortable with how men are reacting to this for reasons I cannot really articulate.

So what if the gals are getting a bit of a thrill? Surely the reaction of men to this book is the real issue here? I don't think he was disgusted at the book. I reckon she'd banned him from porn. Sounds like a piss poor Billy Idol impersonator.

And maybe its just me and my booze addled memory playing me up but I can remember a lot of popular pulp fiction including some rather gratuitous sex scenes which added nothing to the plot line. I can remember James Herbert being rather keen on this sort of thing in his horror books. LOL Yes indeed, there was always a bit of knob slopping going on in the midst of rat banquets. It was the only part of Sepulchre I ever read.

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Pick a James Herbert novel up off a library shelf, hold it downwards between two fingers along the spine and where the book naturally opens is the well thumbed sex part. Reading back what I've just typed I reckon I could knock out a few sex books. It almost passes for grubby fan lit. There were lots of lol moments. Fluke was a bit of a letdown in that regard as was The Spear if i recall correctly The Rats, the fog , the survivor and the lair all had the aforementioned scenes I think it takes a bit more skill than people realise.

I have my own little Kindle project on the launch pad at the moment and there are one or two bits of sauciness in that but I steered clear of any panting and so on. And lets look at some books which no doubt get a lot of the usual literary suspects nodding their heads in earnest appreciation when they are just excuses for a load of cheap thrills.

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LOL Yes indeed, there was always a bit of knob slopping going on in the midst of rat banquets I don't quite know what this means, but it is brilliant. I don't quite know what this means, but it is brilliant. And he also included some rather graphic at least to my teenage mind sex scenes as well which seemed to add nothing to the plots. Good, honest pulp fiction fun which Jonezee has summed up in an almost poetic manner.

Sounds like a piss poor Billy Idol impersonator Or that silly look that Becks was snapped doing in those comfy high street pants adverts. It's in between a lip curl and a pout for not facing his cans of coke in the right position in the fridge!

Fifty Spades of Grey

I won't be reading this book. Porn can be great but I won't be reading this book. You can curl your lip all you like, MD. I have to say, properly divided asparagus makes me as hard as two week old pastry. Maybe I should give the book a go I'm sure there's loads in there about getting puliverised up the shitter and your clitoris played with by heated pincers or similar. I think you have mistaken me for someone else! My gf just started reading that after.

Wow just wow that's all I am saying : 50 shades of grey is probably poorly written meaning it is accessible to all the numpties out there. That's in another book called Fifty Shades of Brown. A few at work reading it and they've read out a couple of pages here and there Probably not going by your review. I think you'd be left wishing it was a third of the length again. Things do get more exciting but all the same sex is there. The development psychologically of the characters more so for him of course was interesting to me.

But overall I'd go with your first reaction that if the ending of book one doesn't make you want to read on then it's probably not worth it. I remember sex. It was purple shaped. A review on Amazon: I enjoy erotica and heard so much about this book that I had to give it a shot, but I'm five chapters in and just can't take it anymore.

This has to be the most appallingly atrocious writing I've ever seen in a major release.